Rayat Al-Jazeera ( RJ) is a highly-specialized construction company with core competence in building construction, roads, bridges, civil infrastructure, and construction of oil & gas facilities Headquartered in Kuwait with operations throughout the Middle East, Rayat Al – Jazeera serves both government and private sectors with unparalleled engineering skill, professionalism and strong commitment for each and every project. For over 22 years, Rayat Al – Jazeera has built a reputation as one of the most reputable construction companies in Kuwait, by delivering turn-key construction projects of varying sizes.

Rayat Al-Jazeera excels in all aspects of engineering, procurement, and construction of large-scale projects Rayat Al-Jazeera has been instrumental in executing some of the most impressive infrastructure projects in the Middle East. Rayat Al-Jazeera owns and operates the largest fleet of construction equipment and vehicles in Kuwait, and continues to upgrade the fleet regularly with the latest technology. Rayat Al-Jazeera has managed high technological and mechanical standards by management personnel and top engineers. Additionally, Rayat Al-Jazeera has continually developed and maintained strategic relationships with major International companies to further expand our capabilities.

Rayat Al-Jazeera (RAJCCO) was established in 1997, the firm is over 22 years old and going solid. We are growing in size and importance during the era of increased public sector spending in the Middle East, particularly in our main market of Kuwait. Since our inception, RAJCCO has not only provided excellent leadership and exemplary professionalism to each and every construction project, but has also built a team of committed professionals including engineers, managers, accountants and financial executives. RAJCCO is a contracting firm of the highest standards, where professionals from different nations of diverse discipline, work together to deliver the highest quality construction projects. RAJCCO has established Bruxelle International Trading and Contracting company and Kuwait Coastal Trading of Construction Materials Co., to ensure maintaining the best performance and cost-effectiveness. RAJCCO is recognized as a “Grade II” contractor for roads, infrastructure, electricals, and building construction

About Us / General Manager & Co-Founder’s Intro  

Founded in 1997, Rayat Al Jazeera (RAJCCO) was established to meet the demands of the growing real estate market in Kuwait. From the very beginning, we made a firm commitment to bring the highest standards to the contracting and construction field. By focusing on selecting a dedicated team of highly-qualified professionals including engineers, managers, accountants and financial executives, we continue to deliver excellence in every construction project we undertake.


RAJCCO are recognized by relevant Kuwaiti authorities as a “Grade II” contractor for:

- Building construction

- Roads - Infrastructure

- Electrical

Which enables us to perform projects of various sizes and requirements.

Building on the success that RAJCCO achieved in Kuwait, the company has expanded its operations to other countries, establishing a branch in Egypt in 2008 then a branch in California, USA, in 2018.

Quality, Safety and Integrity, Cost- Effectiveness, Professionalism and Strong Relationships with Our clients are the main core values that we practice day after day

We employ the same core values of dedication and excellence to each and every project we undertake all over the world.

RAJCCO has always included our clients and partners as an integral part of our team. Every Project is performed with open communication. The mutual respect with our clients provides the groundwork for our success. 



Civil construction is the art of building bridges, dams, roads, airports, canals, and buildings.


Once they come aboard, every electrician receives ongoing training throughout their career.


superior grade materials, we aim to provide world-class service standards on road .


your air conditioners (AC) is not cooling or not giving filtered air, assistance for your AC to function properly .

Our mission is to be the best partner for our clients and suppliers. To realize this, we strive for profitable growth, operational excellence, customer satisfaction and strong brand positioning.

RAJCCO is dedicated to deliver an outstanding service and performance as one of the leading contracting and construction management company in Kuwait.

At RAJCCO, our focus and expertise are employed to fulfil the needs of our selective clients, while meeting and exceeding the Kuwait Ministry of Public Works regulations and international standards.

At RAJCCO, our values are the building blocks of our company vision, promising a pursuit of professional excellence in every project we complete. Quality, safety and integrity, cost- effectiveness, professionalism and strong relationships with clients are our core values that we practice day in and day out

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Web design At RAJCCO, our focus as general contractor and construction management experts is to fulfill the needs of our selective clients all as per Kuwait Ministry of public works regulations and international standard providing. the Kuwaiti real estate market, providing the highest level of quality in construction.

  • Civil construction is the art of building bridges, dams, roads, airports, canals, and buildings.
  • Once they come aboard, every electrician receives ongoing training throughout their career.
  • superior grade materials, we aim to provide world-class service standards on road .
  • your air conditioners (AC) is not cooling or not giving filtered air, assistance for your AC to function properly .

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Quality people. Great service. Responsive. Professional, these are just a few of the attributes our clients have used to describe our services. But the real reason to use Staff Pro is results. When it comes to your staffing needs, we don’t just promise to deliver great talent, we guarantee it.


Rayat Al -Jazeera is in building long term relationships that are mutually beneficial to all parties. To help create this win-win approach, we provide the best trained technicians to get your job done right and with ease to save you both time and money.


By providing our Clients with our Design/Build Services it allows for your Project to be precisely estimated, and significantly reduce or eliminate Change Orders. Detailed Estimating, Proposals, Contracts, Scheduling, and Material/Subcontractor coordination are essential to a Successful Project.


We give you a time frame and commit to completing the job when we say we will!


Because of our Quality Service , you will enjoy your completed new or remodeled project for many years to come. COST: Our detailed Proposals ensure clients that there won’t be any hidden cost, and they know exactly what they are getting. Communication is maintained throughout the entire Project..


Zero Complaints See what our current and past clients say about us!.


To maintain its leading position in the market, RAJCCO established four companies to support its operations and enhance services quality:

1- EASTERN ASAS Co. for General Trading and Contracting.

2- ESKAN Holding Co.


4- ALI Real Estate Investment Corporation.  


Manage and Mitigate Risk with a Safety Training Program

Ensure Electrical Safety at Construction Sites

Implement Strict Security and Safety Protocols

Have a Safe Work Assessment Process in Place

Have Stores for Safe Hazardous Material

Display Signage Clearly at the Construction Site

Plan and Prepare for Adverse Environmental Conditions

Provide Personal Protective Equipment


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